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Our Business

  Our business opened its doors in 1997 under the name of Brummets Meter Service. That is the year Precision Planting decided to expand to a dealer network and we jumped on board. In 1997, the business was basically centered around calibrating finger pickup meters and selling Keeton seed firmers. In the years to follow, Precision began introducing new products like their own finger pickup meter, esets for Deere vac meters and then the 20/20 seedsense. Since the 20/20 was introduced in 2007, things began to explode and every year new products came out. In 2018, with all the changes in the way we do business, we decided to change our name to Brummets Precision Solutions as it is clear our business centers around more than calibrating meters. 

   My wife Jeanne has played a big role in our growth; she is a great organizer and bookkeeper.  My two sons, Ryan and Austin came back to the farm after graduating from college.  They have both proven to be assets and continue to be very active in the business.  We are proud to say that we are truly a family business!


This is the home farm where we live and run our business.

   As a Premier Dealer, we are able to offer you the very latest technologies from Precision Planting. You should know that you don't have to buy a new planter to get all the latest features.  Here at Brummets Precision Solutions,  we can customize your planter the way you want it, install the products you need, and tune your planter to perform as good as or better than a new one.  The best part is, you save a substantial amount of money over trading for a new one!   

 We can offer you a free planter evaluation and give you a customized plan to maximize your investment. 


  We also offer parts from elite companies like 360 Yieldcenter, Yetter, Copperhead Ag and Dura Products.  We specialize in planters and finding solutions for your needs! 

  We want to maximize the potential of your existing planter so you can get the benefits of todays technology without the expense of trading.  It could be a simple upgrade that you need or a complete system.  Either way our team is ready to help! Our Motto is "Solutions for higher yields".

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