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Rebuilding a closing wheel frame

Updated: Jan 20

Closing wheel system

Keeping your closing wheel system in mint condition will enhance your planter's performance. If closing wheels are misaligned over the seed trench, you could jeopardize uniform seed emergence. John Deere closing wheel frames have bushings on either side and these tend to get worn out. When that happens, a great deal of side-to-side play can happen and that will let your closing wheels move around and not centered over the seed trench!

New bearing system installed

Copperhead Ag has a kit that can make these closing wheel frames better than new. If the frame is not worn, then the bearing kit is all you would need. If the bushings have a lot of slop or play then you will need the kit that includes a bearing housing. This housing will need to be welded to the frame. The illustration above shows the welded version of this kit.

The closing wheel system is the last step in the seeding process but it should not be overlooked! Several bushels could be gained or lost at this stag.

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