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Proper Closing Wheel Spacing

Updated: Jan 20

Closing wheel alignment is a critical part of the equation when we look at emergence. If you have rubber closing wheels, then the proper width between the bottom of the wheels is 1.5''. An easy way to check this is use a small 2x4 board and see if it will slide between the wheels with the board turned sideways. The board should measure 1.5'' so this will give you an idea where you're at on width.

We slid a board in between the wheels on this demo unit to demonstrate.

Wheel Alignment with 2x4

The other part of this process is to make sure the wheels are spaced evenly on either side of the seed. This is really difficult if you're just trying to eye it. The easiest way to accomplish this is to put the planter down and pull forward so you make a mark on the cement or ground with your disc openers. After doing this, you can measure how the wheels are aligned with seed. Then you can make your necessary adjustments to get it true.

If you're using furrowcruisiers from Copperhead Ag or the twister wheels from Yetter, then the spacing between the wheels at the bottom should be around 1 1/4''. There are extra washers that come with the kit so you can use them to get the spacing correct.

The closing wheels are the last step on the planter, but they should not be ignored. Properly aligned closing wheels will help with even emergence and can gain several bushels for you!

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